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We believe Ephesians 4 Consulting is a unique faith based organization. We are passionately dedicated to the spiritual health of the Body of Christ. That may not be unique but we think you will agree that we offer a unique set of gifts, talents and experiences to help you achieve your mission and purpose.

Few Words About Us

Why the name Ephesians 4 Consulting?
We believe that the book of Ephesians and specifically Chapter 4 hold keys to the revitilization of the church today.

• The Functions of Leaders
• The Equipping of the Members for Ministry
• The Resulting Building Up of the Body of Christ

Each is Critically Important to the Spiritual Health of the Body

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First Leaders Need to be Equipped to Equip Others and We Must recognize that Each Leader has Unique Gifts and Talents to Fulfill Their Own Unique Calling

In order for the church to become healthy again we must recognize the true divirsity of the Body, how each part has a unique function and contribution to the whole. We must also recognize that each and everyone of us is mutually interdependent with the other members of the Body. We each have something unique to contribute to one another and we each receive from one another.


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Ephesian 4 Consulting is first and foremost a ministry of encouragement and affirmation to those we serve and minister. These are two key attributes to the process of equipping one another. It has been a sad revelation that in many cases the church has lost the language and skill of affirming one another. It has progressed to such a point that many believers do not even know how to receive affirmation from others. Many find it a very uncomfortable experience to receive a complement or an affirmation.

This is not just a soft warm and fuzzy experience for people. It is a life transforming experience. It instills power to fulfill ministry. It helps people accept who God has called them to be. One word of affirmation can change a person's life course. This is an act of Godly love, one which has become far too rare in most churches today.

What We Do


Matt 9:37-38 "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest , therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." NIV


What if the workers do not know that they are workers?

• They do not know their roles
• They do not know their callings
• They do not know their gifts and talents

There is an identity crisis in the church today. This identity crisis involves every part of the Body. Leaders are exhausting themselves by trying to meet a mirade of unbiblical and unfounded expectations. As a result they are trying to function in ways God never called or intended them to function. As a result most members of most congregations are functioning at a fraction of their calling, if at all.

Where did it all go so wrong? How did this happen? I believe the answers will reveal themselves as we examine the biblical function of each part of the Body based on the apostle Paul's instructions to us in the book of Ephesians. The book of Ephesians represents the culmination of the apostle's Pauls revelation of how the Body of Christ functions and builds itself up so that it may become the very fullness of Christ to the earth.

We believe that every believer belongs to the royal priesthood of believers and each one, each part has a unique calling and contribution to make to the building up of the Body of Christ.
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